End of Lease Cleaning

Moving out is a cumbersome task but you as a leasee need to make sure you return the place in the same condition you received it. This ensures your rental deposit gets returned to you in full and no conflict occurs between you and the lessor. 

Our team of experts knows exactly where to clean and avoid disputes with property management companies and the lessor. First of all, the End of Lease Cleaning Service is also known as Bond Cleaning. The service includes vacuuming, carpet cleaning, mopping, the dusting of every corner, kitchen & bathroom cleaning, last but not least, washing the entire home. A detailed cleaning process must be done with professional equipment and materials. The detailed cleaning includes wall spot cleaning, refrigerator cleaning, dishwashers, curtains, and balcony cleaning. In short and simple words, every corner every inch of your house must be neat & clean.


Grace Dependable Cleaning believes in a deep cleaning and hygienic environment. If you want to get your windows cleaning done in contact us now!